CxB Fashion - The Brand

CxB means Chaos Born! No other name could be more suitable for this brand. Sometimes chaos domains our life. No one is able to foresee, control or even influence it. Due to a very special and chaotic journey CxB was BORN. It´s a new Austrian high quality fashion brand with a strong personality created in Innsbruck (and already has a tiny community of fashion lovers). One of the brands main icons is the moth representing tremendous change. Claudia’s passion has always been to translate her inner individuality through her style. Therefore it has been a logical step to develop her own fashionbrand to be able to share her tastes. The main purpose is to make people feel good confident strong and special with what they are wearing! It has been a rough ride over the past two years to design, develop and produce products at high standards. The pieces should accompany its owner for a long time. The heart of CxB fashion is based on rocky edgy designs with individual inspirations. Feel confident strong and special.

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Bleichenweg 18,
6020 Innsbruck
A - Austria

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